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25/06/2015 Alumni Refresher : go further with the digital revolution

Why not get a head start before returning to serious matters in September by participating in the Alumni Refresher on EDHEC’s Paris campus? This summer EDHEC Alumni and its Professionnal Clubs are presenting you with your very own ALUMNI REFRESHER where a selection of experts will be delivering you a range of professional tips and advice for a new and improved comeback from the holiday season.

The Alumni Refresher means:

• 2 days of customized workshops for all profiles

• An advanced program centered around this years main theme: Digital Transformation

• Half-day workshops dedicated to the development of soft skills, career management as well as essential digital hard skills

•Top-quality trainers from EDHEC Business School : leading professors and professionals recognised in their field
• Short formats on all subjects - keeping it straight to the point - which will expand your knowledge of finance, law, technology, psychology, business development... and that will give you the opp...

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18/06/2015 How much do EDHEC Alumni earn ?

In partnership with Emolument, EDHEC Alumni invites you to “know where you stand” : click here 

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11/06/2015 EDHEC CELEBRATION 2015

This new version of graduation day brought together graduating students and their friends and families on the Lille and Nice campuses to share in a series of moments full of powerful emotions. 
The graduation ceremony marks the culmination of student life and represents formal recognition of students’ work and achievement during their time at EDHEC.

“My years at EDHEC have been fantastic”, said Laure Kiene, a graduate of the EDHEC Master 2014 class.

These new EDHEC BBA, EDHEC Master, EDHEC Masters of Science, EDHEC Global MBA and EDHEC Executive Education graduates automatically join the EDHEC Alumni community, which counts over 30,000 members throughout the world.

“When this class joined the school in 2010, EDHEC was ranked 42nd among business schools by the Financial Times. The fact that it now stands 17th is a tribute to you all”, said Olivier Oger, Dean of EDHEC Business School.

The photos are available here !

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30/05/2015 Vault : a collection of career guidebooks

The EDHEC Vault MBA Online Career Library is the world's most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of guidebooks on career-related subjects.
Accessing Vault via the EDHEC Career Centre site gives you free access to the Vault's Online Library

> EDHEC - VAULT Online career library
> Login Process_VAULT

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30/05/2015 Projects to support for 2015


The EDHEC Incubator is in a unique position: as well as supporting start-ups, it also orients newly created companies in their early developmental phases. The projects of future entrepreneurs, selected by a commission, can become part of the incubator from the design phase onwards.

The results speak for themselves: 85% of companies to emerge from the EDHEC Incubator are still up and running three years later. Over a four-year period, the incubator has supported 108 entrepreneurs, facilitated the launch of 75 companies and the creation of more than 450 jobs. 

Join this initiative! There is much to be done: establishing a presence in Nice, setting up physical premises in Paris, and expanding the capacity of the site in Lille... Our ambition is to double the number of companies incubated over the next three years.Make a donation and invest in the future of our young entrepreneurs!


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