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03/04/2014 Networking and Job search: "It's not what you know; it's WHO you know,"

How can we use Networking (and Informational Interviews) to break into the working world?

Today, everyone has similar backgrounds and qualifications, so NO ONE stands out. 

Networking on (on social networks) and offline (networking events, informational interviews) continues to be the most effective way to discover employment opportunities and to stand out. More professionals complete a successful career transition through networking than through all other methods combined.

Networking on-line (social networks, linkedin …) and off line (networking eventsinformational interviews …) are the best ways to get relevant information and advice to build efficient applications.

Since employment security is currently defined as how quickly you can locate your next position, networking is one of your most important career skills.

What is networking? 

Networking is contacting people you know (primary contacts) so that they can refer you to people that you don't know (secondary contacts).


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