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31/03/2015 Evisors : access to the 120+ webinars featuring alumni from top companies

Advice, coaching, and prep from people who have actually worked in the company you are dreaming of. Evisors is turning privileged knowledge about employers, industries and career paths into common knowledge. Knowledge that enables you to land your dream job.

EDHEC Alumni and Evisor gives you access to numerous online webinars about international topics in your activity sector. Simply enter your email address "" (or and watch hundreds of webinars offered free of charge and without time limit.

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18/03/2015 Next career workshops

Each month the Alumni Career Centre offers a selection of workshops and conferences on the Paris campus. This interventions are replayed simultaneously, or available for replay on the Internet. From all over the world, you can take advantage of these resources and optimize your career choices. All these workshops are in french


Construire et mettre en œuvre son projet d’évolution professionnelle
2 April 2015
Cet atelier va vous permettre d'acquérir une méthode de gestion prévisionnelle de votre emploi et de vos compétences qui vous servira tout au long de votre parcours professionnel
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Préparer sa mobilité internationale
16 April 2015
L’objectif de cette conférence est d’enrichir votre réflexion sur les enjeux et les conditions de réussite d’une mobilité à l'internationale.
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Parfaire son profil LinkedIn
Comment se rendre visible ? Comment donner envie aux autres de se connecter avec vous ? Comment se faire repérer ? Comme...

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17/03/2015 Know where your stand and compare your salary with

Your Alumni Career Centre is delighted to bring to your attention. allows users to know exactly where they stand in terms of remuneration, and empowers them to manage their own career. Everyone that joins the Emolument crowd enriches the information we provide. And everyone gets unique insights into their own salary in return.

Crowds create data, we create information, you make decisions.

> Click here to benchmark yourself now


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16/03/2015 Make the most of LinkedIn

Become a job magnet, stand out from the competition, apply for awesome jobs... here are some resources to boost your visibility on the most important profesional network.

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