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23/01/2015 Four entrepreneurs will share their experiences with students

The EDHEC Career Centre organize business meetings for students. Each meeting is an opportunity for these future graduates to sharpen their projects and develop their network by exchanging with professionals.The next Jan. 29, four graduates will go on the Lille campus to meet students on the topic of entrepreneurship:

- Christophe Mulliez (EDHEC 1979) The Franchise - McDonald's
- Arthur Coquelin (EDHEC 2012), Reversal of Family Enterprise - Side Nature
- Arthur Dietrich (EDHEC 2013) The Business Creation - Bogoods
- Jean-Michel Davault (EDHEC 1994), General Fund Specialized Contractors on the Rebound

Help new generations of Edhec, enrich its network, transmit its knowledge ... so many gestures that demonstrate once again the strength of our community!

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06/01/2015 Fill our survey about leadership in France

What does leadership mean today? How much do French companies understand about leadership? How do they innovate?

Are you a Generation Y member? Help us fill this survey about leadership in France, realized by EDHEC and Hay Group. Your opinion matters!


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06/01/2015 Best wishes for 2015!

The beginning of the year is the best moment to clarify your goals both personals and profesionnals. Yes but where to begin with such an ambitious task?

If you are asking yourself this question, have the reflex and find the answer on our panel of services at your disposal: networking events to develop your Business/ Career opportunities built by the network all the way through People events organized by every Profesionnal Club, Leisure or Local (in France and everywhere in the world!), EDHEC Alumni will be, this year again, the center point of exchange, sharing, improvment, in one word Energy!

EDHEC ALUMNI Team wish you a very Happy New Year 2015 and success on every level.



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05/01/2015 Mentoring Program : registration is open

To boost your career, to pass between generations, to capitalize on your  career path, to share your values and experiences, to exchange between cultures, to grow and grow, get involved! Participate in the STREAM (Share Transmit Reinforce EDHEC Alumni Mentoring)  program. The program started with 20 pairs mentors / mentees on February 13 2014. The next session will be launched on  February 12 2015.

Would you like to share your experience and join the next mentoring programme? 
Become a mentor by completing this questionnaire before 7th of february (for alumni graduated before 2011)

If you are a young alumni (graduated after 2011), please note that a specific questionnaire will be on-line on 7th of january.

Are you in a transitional phase in your professional life (retraining, start-up, career acceleration, moving abroad, new position, etc.) and would like the support of a mentor?
> Become a mentee by completing this questionnaire
before 7th of February

If you are a stu...

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05/12/2014 Universum career test : what’s your career type?

Take the Universum Career Test to reveal your career type, discover optimal employers, gain insights on how you compare to other alumnis & see what makes you unique.

The aggregate data helps us identify the needs of our alumni and improve our services. Your answers are always held confidential, by law. For further inquiries or feedback, kindly contact

Click here to participate

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