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29/10/2014 Discover the list of clubs that will host a Welcome Party in 2014

The return of the academic year means the arrival of new students or graduates - and there will be some that have settled down in your region.

To ensure a welcome worthy of EDHEC for these newcomers, our local clubs' ambassadors are organising Welcome Parties. They consist of friendly meetings in a bar or a restaurant, and they enable participants to strengthen their friendly and professional network in their area.

Many cities are already involved in a Welcome Party in October!

Click on the city of your choice to sign up for your local Welcome Party. (This list is not final)

- France : Colmar, Lille, Lyon, Nice, Marseille, Paris, Montpellier
- Europe
: Bruxelles, Barcelone, Dublin, Genève, Luxembourg, Londres, Copenhague, Madrid*, Munich, Stockholm,
- Amérique : Montréal, Toronto, New-York, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto
- Asie : Dubai, Singapour, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong
- Océanie  : Sydney,
- Afrique : Casablanca*,
- France Outre-mer : Guadeloupe, La Réunion, Martinique*, Tah...

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27/10/2014 Scholarships EDHEC Executive Education

EDHEC Business School is committed to helping participants meet the financial requirements to obtain their Global EMBA in Family Business. EDHEC Family Business Centre is proud to announce several scholarship programmes, up to € 15 000 off for EDHEC Family Business Global EMBA first intake, on February 23rd.
With its mission of “Sustaining Family Business Growth”, EDHEC Family Business Centre is now offering joint scholarships with Family Firm Institute, CampdenFB, Guberna and ILA, among others.

> More information


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20/10/2014 Make the most of your network

You have a network and it is time to reactivate it but you do not know how ?  
Rediscover the basics of networking with our guides and workshop: "networking make the Most of it! ": How to identify, build and maintain your network? What can on-and off-line tools do for you?  Some useful tips from our specialist

> Find out the next networking events
> Watch the workshop : "Networking, make the most of it"
> Find out the the EDHEC Alumni Networking guide and the 10 Advices from Grégoire Beaurain (GE 1996)

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20/10/2014 Choose your search settings and customise your personal space

This new platform allows you to set your own preferences to adapt your personal space to your online searches. 
Looking for new job opportunities? Now you can define the type of offers that interest you and select those issued by the alumni network, the companies you follow or EDHEC partners. You can also configure your email alerts, and you won’t waste any more time finding that job offer that’s made for you. This new tool does all the work! Suggested events and videos will match the preferences you set. 

> Click here to configure your dashboard

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18/10/2014 Your contacts

Your Alumni Career Centre contacts are located in Lille, Paris and Nice. Feel free to get in touch with them.


Manuelle MALOT
Head of Careers
Tel : (+33) 1 53 32 76 51




Careers and Prospective
Tél : (+33) 3 20 15 45 14




Job offers
Tel : (+33) 3 20 15 45 63




Career advices appointment
Tél : (+33) 1 53 32 76 51

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