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"A real community, the Association of alumni and students at EDHEC Business School boasts 30,000 members in 2013, and we have an ambitious goal: to preserve and consolidate the ties between all Edhec people.
Our mission is to federate and coordinate the network. Thanks to our activities and those of our volunteer ambassadors, we help the students to develop their career project and we help the alumni to boost their careers and their business.
We add value to your degree by extending EDHEC’s reach by showcasing our alumni’s personal and professional success.
As a member of EDHEC Alumni, you can enjoy our services that meet your BUSINESS CAREER and PEOPLE needs throughout your life. "

Generate innovation and opportunités

> Meet your future partners during our Professional Club networking events

> Over 30,000 BtoB propects in our EDHEC network

> Develop your business creation with our entrepreneurs initiatives:
   EDHEC Business Angels, EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs...

> Use EDHEC Research to help you innovate


Boost your talent

> Identify your future employer or collaborator from our network

>  Need some help ? Want some advice ? Contact the Edhec Resource people

>  You only hire the best ? Think Edhec with

> Executive education : take advantage of our alumni reductions at EDHEC 
   Risk Institute, EDHEC Management Institute

> You are at a turning point in your career? Get in touch with the Alumni
   Career Centre



Enjoy your community

> 400 events organised worldwide by our 65 local and international clubs

> Meet up with old friends during the EDHEC Rendez-vous, the EDHEC Alumni
   Campus Day...

> What’s happening? New updates, appointments, Edhec in the news...
   catch up on all the latest Edhec news

> Network and have fun ? Join our sport and leisure clubs



Extract from the EDHEC Alumni statutes (17/01/2011)

Edhec Alumni Association is committed to developing activities that will enhance the reputation of EDHEC.
Its aim is to :
> ensure that its members are represented on EDHEC’s Board of Governors and the Association’s Executive Committee,
> ensure there is a permanent link between the different Edhec communities and generations at regional, national and international level,
> foster valuable personal and professional networking and exchange via the coordination of the alumni association network,
> contribute to enhancing the School’s image, its teaching input, its promotion and its funding.

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